Friday, December 28, 2007


Yesterday the children and I decided to give the new trampoline a workout. We jumped and jumped.....and jumped. The first five minutes of my joyful bouncing I felt like a little kid. You can sky pretty high as an adult and at times, a little too high, your arms and legs flapping uncontrollably to keep you upright. I'm sure I was quite the spectacle for the neighborhood as I jumped using all of my Big Bird gracefulness.

The next five minutes, however, revealed my true age. For those of you over 30, especially birthing females, who may find yourselves near a trampoline, a word of caution is necessary. See, your legs may be what they used to, your stamina may be akin to someone younger, but let me assure you that your bladder function has changed for the worse. I told my children that I needed to run into our house for my camera, but really it was to retrieve dry undergarments. The pictures you see occurred after I was slapped with incontinence reality.

Don't let my story stop you from experiencing the thrill of momentary, zero-gravity joy. It's no big deal. Just ensure that your bladder is completely empty, your pride is in proper perspective, and you have a waiting excuse to escape the parameters quickly if an accident occurs.

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Jennifer said...

Hi, I just discovered your blog and have been reading your "Need More Joy?" posts and doing quite a bit of laughing. You are a terrific writer. I had to comment on this one just to prove to myself I'm not alone! LOL! I was recently at one of those indoor-jump places with my daughter and some other friends. Another my and I were jumping with our daughters having a blast when the very same thing happened to me. I couldn't believe it! I was a quite a bit suprised to discover what age and childbirth had done to my body! LOL!

By the way - I live in Georgia too - born and raised! Hope you are enjoying living here!