Wednesday, January 2, 2008


It was something like 18 below outside of my house this morning. Not really, but it might as well have been if you are a Southerner. When the temperature drops below a freezing temperature, those in the South take it as a personal affront - cold affront that is.(I know the jokes are terrible. Feel free to click on the mean, little red box in the corner at anytime) And don't even get me started on the terror "black ice" can cause a community in the south.It is a phenomenon only those below the dixie line can understand. Our cold weather was particularly aggrivating this morning to the little children in my home who had to leave warm beds to get ready for school.

Yep, I said school. It is only January 2nd, but class is back in session, a full week ahead of most schools in the area. The school my children attend did not take into account the additional days they needed to jump on their new trampoline or the bowl games that would be happening the night before . Clearly, the headmaster is not a Georgia Bulldog fan. Anyway, not only was everyone unhappy about the upcoming school day (except for me, of course), our drafty, old house didn't help the situation by allowing each child to witness their own breath as they peeked out from under their covers. And we were not camping. In fact, I could only get them out of bed by allowing them to wear their overcoats and stocking hats to the breakfast table. I'm sorry to report that a few Lucky Charm remnants still remained on the coat sleeve of my son when I picked him up from school.I'm even more sorry to report that it is still there .

Speaking of school pick-up, I heard an unusual expression today that I just have to pass along. I was entering the doorway of the school as a grandparent was making her way out with her grandson. As we passed one another, the icy cold air from outside hit her full force, causing her to yell out, "JIMINY CRICKETS IN THE MORNING!!!!"
Huh?!! I don't typically stop to stare, but the outburst was so unusual, that instinctively I had to take in the person making all the racket. What's so funny is that by the look on her face, I could tell it was the first time this lady had ever strung these particular words together before. She was so overcome by our weather, a temporary brainfreeze caused her to scream out words that evidently didn't make sense even to her. Sort of a "Polar Turrets Syndrome" brought on by inclement weather. I was just glad she was not a cusser. Regardless, her expression brought me so much joy that I think I'm going to use it the rest of the day.

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