Friday, January 18, 2008

Just when you think.....

...that you were a better parent before you actually became one,

that the direction you offer your children falls on wax-filled ears,

that the tough move you heard God tell you to make had to be a misinterpretation,

that the decision to embark on Christian school education may separate your little ones from the real world, the following happens:

an eight year old interrupts your quiet time in the living room at 5:45 am, to tearfully tell you that he is so thankful that his parents believe in Jesus because that means we will all be in heaven together someday. And then returns to bed without another word.

A young mind embracing beliefs of the old. An innocent heart trained to hope in the eternal rather than the instability of the secular. A calming blanket of Truth wrapped around a small child, in the dark hours of the morning, that surpasses all possible understanding.

Just when you can joyfully know.