Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring Break


I liked it as a child, loved it as a teenager and lived for it as a college student. But as the mommy of three school-aged children, I think that a break from school, schedules and carpool ROCKS the Casbah.

We started our break with a weekend trip and returned home to a week gloriously empty of any scheduled activities or events. A week of sleeping late, playing hard and crashing harder. I inhaled the delightful personalities of each of my children, trying to imprint their individual stages in my brain to revisit later on when Spring Break turns into Home Break. The day when it won't be just me and them doing whatever we want, whenever we want, but me and some small, yippy dog that I will dress in crazy outfits and hold on my lap as I drive around town, hoping to counteract the void an empty nest will bring.

For an entire week I was able to hang out with the ones I enjoy most. Which is why I love Spring Break.

Photos from our week:

This is a picture of me drawn by Mary Mac. I am wearing a baseball helmet and a bathing suit. I am also eating Cheese Nips.

So handsome I could squeeze his little guts.

Chandler can ride a scooter, scratch his eye and pose for a picture all at the same time. Multi-talented and beyond adorable.

Neighborhood friends and lots of imagination. Chase is a Hawaiian (notice the shell necklace) and the wagon is an airplane. They are preparing for takeoff to Hawaii where they will explore volcanoes and learn the hula dance.

No explanantion for this ensemble. However, it was worn throughout our visit to Wal-Mart (or the Walmarts as my husband and all grandmas refer to it as)much to the dismay of her brothers because, "you'd never let us get away with that."

A salamander sighting was the highlight of one afternoon:

The salamander is so frightened by all of the squeals the poor thing drops his tail in defense.The discombobulated tail continued to wiggle for several minutes afterwards. Very gross, but my crew thought it was the BEST.

"You pick it up."
"No, YOU pick it up."
"MOOOMMM, can you get the salamander for us......"


dawesomestar said...

You are so funny! I thought we were the only people who use the term Rocks the casbah. We are showing our age! That salamander thing is gross. I hope that your boys didn't want to keep the tail as a souvenir. I enjoy reading and getting to know your family via cyberspace!!

Joni said...

Ha! Clearly I am trying to hold onto "coolness" that is no longer there.

I feel like I know your family now, too, through your very funny blog. This blogging method is the new, lazy lady's way of making friends!

Tricia Massey said...

Love the picture that Mary Mac drew of you! Mine would have been a little different- it would be of you opening the dishwasher door with soap suds coming out! (Like you did in college!) You make me laugh out loud!