Monday, April 28, 2008

A Break at the Lake

This past weekend we took advantage of a gracious invitation and beautiful weather to visit the lake house of our friends, Jon and Tricia. I have known them for over 20 years, playing hard with them in college, tailgating with them at Georgia games, and vacationing with them at various times and places.

(Good heavens, I am a dadgum FOSSIL.)

The friendship our families share is a long standing blessing full of a lot of laughter, a few tears, and memories that make me laugh out loud. Tricia is a NOG and one of my very closest friends.

Here are the gazillion photos I took from our fun weekend in the sun:

The children were momentarily without sight after I made them smile for me while looking directly into the sun. So they saw a few spots.... at least the memory is documented!

Sweet blonde headed beauties: Kate (almost 8) and Lauren (almost 4.) They made me include the "almost".

Noodle Tug of War. Mary Mac is declared the winner.

Tricia and Jon: aka MawMaw and Pawpaw

These children "brake for boiled peanuts". Only Southerners will understand.

Mary Mac, Chase and Chandler

The most fun we had at the lake that day was riding the raft. Everyone had a chance to lay on their stomachs, hold on for dear life, and bounce over the waves. All while squealing like pigs in a mudhole.

Daddy and Tricia showing off on the raft. They ate it two seconds later.

Falling off the raft so many times can work up an appetite! The doritos are vitamin-enhanced.

The Joy of S'MORES

At the end of our weekend, Chandler, my six year old drew a picture of the lake house and all of us riding in the boat. He took his art work directly to Tricia.

Tricia: I love your picture of all of us, Chandler. Is that skinny girl me?

Chandler: No ma'am. You're this one - the one going WOOOOHOOOOOO!

Thanks Jon and Tricia for a great weekend - we love you! (And now even more since you own a lake house!)

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Tricia said...

Your family is a JOY to be around. Thank you for once again providing us with a weekend of laughs, good food and good fun!
We love you, too!
Jon, Tricia, Kate and Lauren