Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Beach - Part 2 of 67

So we made it to the beach.

John clogged on the floorboard pedals all the way to the gulf which ended up being worth any self-imposed (this is John's word choice) anxiety I may have experienced during the very long drive. But, boy, were his calves completely worn out.....

We rented a large home with two other families we have known for years. A total of six adults and seven children under one roof made for good times and great noise. At times the activity resembled that of Romper Room which was tolerated well because the children were totally delighted and the adults totally medicated.

(Of course, I am teasing. Only a few of us resorted to sedatives to manage our busy, noise-filled days.)

Most days we were on the beach until dusk, only venturing back to the house when it was time to eat. For seven days, planning supper was not a concern as Chas, a great cook and even better friend, prepared fresh seafood for all of us that would rival any restaurant. Fried shrimp, shrimp scampi, shrimp po' boys (Forrest Gump anyone?), crab legs, fried oysters, raw oysters,grouper and blue crab made its way to our table every night making our stomachs deliriously happy and our gastrointestinal tracts working overtime.

Below are a few of our pictures of vacation joy. (Parts 3 through 67 in the days ahead)

The concentration on these determined little faces entertained us (and them) for hours. Digging holes captivated their attention for such a long time that we are currently installing a sand pit in our front yard. It's all about independent play, people :

Chase found China.

Still digging. Chandler practicing Kung-Fu moves to impress discovered Chinamen.

Nine hours later and the digging is almost complete.

Mr. Jon, otherwise known as the Bird Whisperer, working his magic. He is wearing the hat for good reason.

Mr. Chas, our resident chef and jolly fisherman.

Fishing like a Rock Star.

Anna Caroline and Kate cooling off

"Raise your hand if you think Mommy is the BEST!"

Handsome Lambdin (aka Popeye)

Lauren the Little Mermaid

The Noodle Rodeo with me and Mary Mac.

"Has anyone seen the children lately?"

To be continued....


Pat said...

Hi Joni,
I followed your blog from BooMama's comment on modesty.
I would love to hear your thoughts for my upcoming book if you have time!
Hope that you are lovin' my Florida beaches!!
Bless you,

Tricia said...

These pictures make me smile so much! What a great time we had! You must replace your rodeo hat since its shape is now disoriented from all the waves it endured.
Looking forward to reading more. . .

Joni said...


I would be gald to help.


Joni said...


That hat will never be the same. It's too bad because someone contacted me from Bon Jovi and wanted to use it for an upcoming concert.... : )


Meritt said...

Oooo it's painful to look at these awesome beach photos! LOL.

Joni said...

Now that the laundry is finished and my house is not turned upside down, I am ready to go back.

So, yeah, it's painful for me to look at, too.