Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's Getting Hot In Here

It's hot.

And we have a pool that should offer us some cool refreshment, much like the old school commercial where joyful folks take the Hi-C plunge and are instantly invigorated by the coolness.

Instead, the temperature is much like the tepid water that flows down the drain of your bathtub or the "warm patch" you unfortunately happen upon when swimming in a public arena.

But here's the thing. We swim in it anyway. And on top of the warm temperatures, our water is - how to say this delicately?- GREEN.

We returned from Atlanta and found that the chlorine filter was not operating properly - which John was able to fix because he is McGyverish like that - but it still takes a few days to get the water back into sparkly condition.

Again, we swim in it anyway. What's a little green substance coming out of your children's ears when it is a kajillion degrees outside, especially when you have access to large quantities of q-tips to clear up any algae residue discovered?

This photo depicts John's frustration over his green pool and an uncanny likeness to the Heatmiser.

What did I tell you?

The children were so hot that they could only float motionless to stay cool:

See, I'm not exaggerating about the green. Compare my son's swim trunks to the color of the water and you will find that they are the same SHADE.

But we swim in it anyway.

'Cause it's hot.


georgia mom said...

Looks good to me. As long as it won't turn my highlighted hair green-- my family will gladly cool ourselves in your green pool. M

elizabeth said...

Love the "heatmiser" comparison!

It definitely is HOT! Scorching. If I am willing to take baths in my tub, which I can't tell you the last time it was scrubed down, then I'm not too good for the green pool either!

Meritt said...

ROTFL... yes I remember our 'green' days. Wouldn't you know it that my brother and a car load of his friends were visiting Minneapolis when we lived there and were going to save $$$ by spending the night with us. Sure enough - it's when it was hot and the filter first broke, got dirty, then we got it fixed but it couldn't keep up with the 'green' and 'brown' and even with shock treatment it was still GREEN.

All his friends got their tour of our home and green pool... and swam in it.


I'm still cringing. ;)