Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Word substitutions made by children always bring me joy. Certain vocabulary is not yet available to them so replacements in certain contexts are necessary to communicate. Out of all of my children, Chandler implements this method of speech the most, necessitating a name we have created for this pattern of dialect : Chandlerisms.

A few examples:

-When helping my husband cook recently, Chandler asked for the pliers (tongs) so that he could turn the bacon.

-Chandler recently had a cold and informed me that he had a “stuck up nose” (stuffed up nose).

-I gave the children a tour of my work environment, pointing out the indoor swimming pool, racquetball courts, and weight room. At the end of the tour Chandler asked me when he would be old enough to play “whack it ball.” (racquetball)

-Our family decided that we wanted to play monopoly the other day. Chandler excitedly ran for the game, announcing that he would set up the “stage” (board).

And one final Chandlerism:

-Apparently we have been playing a lot of cards this summer. This was accurately reflected when Chandler asked us if his sister’s bed was a queen, a king, or a joker.


georgia mom said...

Don't you love it? Too cute.

-And yes--I'm all set for the trip!! I can't believe it. So excited!

Joni said...