Sunday, August 31, 2008

A few quips from the backseat.....

Joyful Car Ride #1:

Mary Mac: Daddy, I checked out a book from the school library today. The LIBARIAN says we have to take extra special care of our books.

John: That's great, Mary Mac. Maybe when we get home I can read the book to you.

Mary Mac: Well, I don't want to hurt you feelings or anything but you can't lick your fingers and then turn the pages with this school book. You can only do that with the books that belong to me. Maybe mommy should read to me.

Joyful Car Ride #2:
(on the way to visiting Nana's church)

Chase: Mom, can we just go to big church with you and daddy?

Yeah, 'cause we don't know anyone at this church and we'd feel better if we could stay with you.

Me: That's fine with me.

Mary Mac: You mean, I'm the ONLY one going into a class by myself?!
(Big four year old eye roll.)
That's okay, it just means that out of everybody I'm the BRAVEST and the SMARTEST.

(and the most humble...)


Meritt said...

LOOOOVE reading the things the kids say... I miss mine being little!

Not too old to learn said...

I tried to post this before, but don't think I sent it right.

I had posted in regards to your "terrible no good day post," about my husband losing his job right in the midst of us really seeking to do God's will. How prophetic your response about things getting worse - my husband just got out of ICU after renal failure. Yep, that was out of the blue too! I'd appreciate any prayers. BUT I know how awesome that mountain top experience is when we can look back and see God's might hand. I'm on my way up the mountain (even "stepping up" with your favorite, Beth Moore).

Joni said...

Not too old -
I am praying for you. Know that your current circumstances are not a surprise to God, that He will be with you every step as you climb up that mountain.
Be strong and courageous -

(Joshua 1:9)

Not too old to learn said...

That's a great perspective - thanks for that. My husband and I are eagerly seeking where God wants to plant us.

My husband's football coach from high school was his christian mentor - my husband even served as community coach of the high school while in college. After working for 14 years in the corporate world - my husband is preparing to enter the alternative teaching program through the state of Georgia to teach in elementary schools. He has also been asked by his mentor to join the football staff of a school in a town in northwest Georgia, Rome. He and the coach have plans to start a player development program where he can really reach the kids for Christ.
I've gone back to college (I have a journalism degree) to get a BSN in nursing. I really feel God's call to do that as an extension of His ministry.
Our plans are to move once I finish nursing school. I just recently started a blog if you are interested
There is not much on it yet - but I intend to keep up with it more once my husband recovers.
So, I feel like God has some amazing plans for us and we are so anxious to follow them. I just pray that my plans don't override His. Don't you just hate when we get in the way!?!?