Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mom Agenda

In a previous post, I mentioned an impenetrable and complex method of organizing the many papers sent home from school that I have copyrighted and creatively named: The Three Ring Binder System. I have one for each child that currently houses all the very important papers that should not be stuffed in drawers or thrown away like the children’s artwork when they are not looking.

(For the record, I do collect and have even framed some of the paintings and drawings completed by my children. However, if I held onto every paper touched by a crayon, marker or paintbrush, our house would make the yard in Sanford and Son look like it belonged in the pages of Southern Accents. )

Admittedly, after only a few days, these binders bring untold delight. But, that was before I stumbled upon this genius calendar developed just for the multi-tasking moms who find themselves feeling a little bug-eyed and out of sorts due to dismal disorganization.

Notice the sleek, professional design.

This section displays the whole month:

And another that details your week. At the bottom there is a section for each child which can be used to keep up with the various activities, homework assignments and individual events for each day of the week. (Sadly, there are only four slots available. If you have more than four children, know that you are in my prayers.)

Oh, but this sassy little mom agenda doesn’t stop there:

Yep, that’s right. At any point in the day, I can reach for my calendar and be well informed of all of the international holidays. Because in Georgia, we keep up with that kind of thing.

Also, if you’ve ever wondered why the banks ARE ALWAYS CLOSED, this page may offer some insight:

If for instance, I needed to make immediate notes concerning, say, FASHION or MUSIC – because I am hip like that - there is a place available to do so in my new calendar.

Or say I needed to keep up with the short list of restaurants in town, and whether or not the wait staff complains and WINES while offering such service, space is generously accommodating for those kind of remarks.

Oh, Mom Agenda, you bring me such joy. Where have you been all of my life?


marriedsinglemom said...

You make me laugh! Where did this marvelous agenda come from?

Joni said...

You can find it at S.Y.(Shopping strip behind ChikFilA)

Be forewarned that color coordinated ACCESSORIES can be purchased as well.

I'm telling you, it is pure joy.

JMom said...

Joni- I have been a MA disciple for 4 years now...your next purchase MUST be the kitchen folio...It is a sassy notebook with 100 clear plastic pages to slip all those things you have in your binders pink faux snakeskin no less!!!!