Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fun Run

A few pictures from a fundraiser at the school my children attend. It was fun and they had to run. Thus, the imaginative name – Fun Run.

Family and friends pledged various amounts to pay each child to run in circles around a field. (My children did very well as running in circles is in their blood.) They completed lap after lap with sweaty faces adorned with mile wide grins, dancing at times, skipping at others and then sprinting towards the end.

Photos for your enjoyment:

Stretching before the big race:

Running for joy:

Pure Preciousness:

Chandler was determined to run the maximum laps allowed - 40:

He even turned his shirt around so that his laps could be marked "quicker".

"Stop taking my picture, Mom! It's embarassing!"

Mary Mac and Chase:

I think a bird landed in my hair:

Oh, I love these sweaty little heads:


Mom of Eleven said...

So? How much are you out?

Meritt said...

LOVE the backwards t-shirt idea! Brilliant son you got there. ;)