Friday, October 31, 2008

No Guts, No Glory

The carving of three pumpkins brought tremendous joy to our children, squeezing pumpkin guts through little fingers while acting out numerous scenarios that could possibly produce such ill-looking remnants.

Everybody’s a comedian:

Serious faces mapping out a plan:

Chase was allowed to carve his own pumpkin for the first time this year which created a bit of anxious clucking in the mother hen half of his parental units. I kept waiting to see an appendage flying through the air necessitating yet another call to county emergency services but thankfully, he managed to maneuver his cutting tool quite impressively.

His dad, unfortunately, had a little trouble:

Final products:

Happy Halloween!


JMom said...

Happy Halloween! I was anxious to see how you topped Elvis...

Barrett said...

I'm telling you.. Kids love pumpkin GUTS!