Monday, October 27, 2008

You Probably Should Go to Someone Else's Blog

I know that I am getting ready to set myself up for much ridicule from those that I know. Having a mostly sound mind, the photos I am providing below are of my own volition, without coercion or under threat of blackmail, and a subject matter I’m fairly certain you will not find all that interesting.

Nevertheless -

(Allow me to pause for a moment. This is why I love to blog: you are allowed unlimited freedom in exercising words like NEVERTHELESS or THUS or FURTHERMORE whereas in real life - there I go again: WHEREAS – in real life you’re not going to find yourself with many friends speaking like a seventy year old English professor who religiously attends every Shakespearean festival or poetry reading that makes its way to town.)

Nevertheless, because it is the little things that bring me happiness each day, and sometimes those little things happen to be at my own expense, I am sharing these very personal observations with you all in the name of joy.

This is how you know desire for personal warmth supersedes any sense for fashion :

Please notice the fancy fringe-like material at the top of the sock. Someone thought it was the extra "something" needed to make the sock a fashion success.

Oh, did you want a closer look?

Ankle Muffs. (Get it? Ear muffs, ankle muffs? Never mind.)


Not too old to learn said...

It looks sort of like you haven't shaved your ankles for a couple of months. You have, haven't you?

Joni said...

I stopped shaving when I married thirteen years ago...

I'm just teasing. I shaved my legs at the beginning of summer. : )

wifeofamanofconstantsorrow said...

There is much to be said for someone who can submit a blog post about ankle muffs and make people laugh...
Oh yea, I hate it that you have to shave so often...

p.s.-Aa and I had a great time at the BD party! Thanks for the invite!

marriedsinglemom said...

Eden liked this one too. This was her comment:
"That was a little more than mildly disturbing."
Got to love the thoughts of a 13 year old!

Joni said...

Wife of a man-
Thanks for coming to the party! A little insider's information: I was wearing these socks under my boots.... : )

Joni said...

Please send my apologies to Eden. No 13 year old should have to be subjected to such foolishness.

(BTW - Ask her if she wants to borrow my fuzzy socks.)

Barrett said...

Shiny fringes... Every girl loves them... BOYS, (like me) DON'T!