Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tough Days

It’s been a tough few days in our household for the following reasons:

1. Georgia/Florida game - Our beloved Georgia Bulldogs had their tails handed to them on Saturday. At one point, it became unbearably difficult to focus all of my attention on the game because I became sickeningly fascinated with my husband’s right eye that started twitching the moment the other team – the WRONG team - scored.

(I’m here to report that the eye didn’t stop quivering until after the sermon on Sunday. John may seem under control with his emotions to others, but the reactions of his eyeballs suggest differently.)

2. Time Change - I am now more than ever before convinced that the time change is from the devil. I realize that we received an additional hour of sleep Saturday night (because I am good at math like that) but somehow time changes of any sort make the folks in my house completely BONKERS. Grumpy moods and lethargic attitudes prevail, and no amount of Halloween candy scavenged from individual stashes can provide enough sugar needed for some extra energy. And that’s just the adults.

3. The Election – Quite frankly, the guy I wanted to win lost. While I am concerned with the direction our country could take, I continue to maintain that none of this was a surprise to God. The very Being that breathed humans into existence is the same Power that is holding our nation and our world in the palm of His hands. I still watched the election results roll in late into the night with what may be considered naive hope but even after the disappointing returns I went to bed peacefully. Very tired, yet still hanging onto some joy.

So after the emotional and physical whirlwind of the last few days, the following photo can be the only result:

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Meritt said...

This pictures makes my heart yearn for a little bitty girly girl again. My 17 and 12 year olds won't sleep in my arms anymore. LOL.