Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

A few photos from an Easter weekend full of joy:

Saturday morning, standing in line to meet the Easter Bunny. "You're not seriously going to make me take my photo with the bunny are you?" asked nine year old Chase, as he gives my camera the evil eye.

Loving on the Easter Bunny (notice the absenceof Chase):

"Raise your hand if you're tired of waiting for the hunt to begin. Keep them up if you're tired of your mom taking your picture."

Off she goes. Mary Mac began in a steady pace.....

....that turned into a full body sprint:

Easter athleticism. Bending.....


Setting a screen. The YMCA basketball fees are TOTALLY worth it.

Opening of the plastic eggs to discover the prizes in each:

The loot found in each egg brings on a number of impressions. Here is Mary Mac's version of the Godfather: "I'll make you an offer you can't refuse..."

Chandler's impression of a pirate. Arrgghh.

Chase's impression of Michael Phelps:




Saturday Night, the dyeing of eggs. We temporarily lose our one remaining hairbrush:

"The dye really works! My egg is blue!" squeals the skeptical five year old.

Easter morning.

Everyone loses patience with the picture taking. Notice the Easter Grinch in the khaki suit:

Just a few more photos. The children with their Nana.

One final photo of the family:

Mysteriously, only a few minutes after our final photo, I cannot locate my camera. "Has anyone seen my camera?"


"I think the Easter Bunny hopped off with it," smirks the non-compliant nine year old boy. The easter Grinch nods his head in agreement.

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tricia said...

beautiful family and beautiful flowers. didn't you have dead potted plants in your easter pictures last year? i remember that blog to be quite humorous as you focused on the plants. Everyone looks great!