Friday, May 1, 2009

He’s Ten Today and I Feel Faint


Forever more.

How can I possibly have a ten year old? How could a decade pass by so quickly? Oh, Mr. Time, you have a cruel heart and questionable intentions. I hope you soon sit on a tack.

It seems like just yesterday I was riding home from the hospital in the back seat with the most beautiful infant I had ever seen, swaddled like a double-stuffed burrito and completely engulfed in a car seat that swallowed him whole. I clearly remember hyperventilating on I-285 in Atlanta, Georgia, as my husband navigated us home at 45 miles per hour on the very fast moving interstate. More than once I screeched at those (everybody) passing us, “WE HAVE A NEW BABY ON BOARD, YOU MANIAC! SLOW DOWN! STAY AWAY FROM OUR CAR! It was punctuated with wild gesturing and I believe a little spittle, but I felt hormonally justified.

My oldest offspring, my first born, MY BABY, turns ten today. It is hard to believe and I am more emotional, more unstable, and feel more – here’s the real shocker –dramatic than ever before.

In fact, I feel faint again.

We have been celebrating this very momentous occasion since the early part of this week. It started with a surprise event that included Chase meeting one of his all-time heroes.

The inscription read: I HEART JONI. Love, Mark.

As members of our area Georgia Bulldog club, we had the opportunity to hear head football coach, Mark Richt, speak about the upcoming football season.

We also met the new basketball coach – Mark Fox – who has a quick-witted sense of humor we especially enjoyed.

Even my tag along friend, Mr. Double Chen, was able to attend. He was, however, not invited. He thought Mark Fox was funny, too.

During the question/answer session with each of the coaches, Chase was called upon to ask a question. He asked Coach Fox the following:

“Do you have any openings for water boy?”

....and then to Coach Richt:

“What role did you play in Stafford (Matthew) and Moreno’s (Knowshon) decision to turn pro?”

Just a ten year old in Howard Cosell’s body.

At the end of the night, Chase’s raffle ticket was pulled and he won a basket of Georgia Bulldog Christmas tree ornaments. It was very exciting. I believe I even squealed out loud.

(You have to live in the South to understand.)

More birthday festivities are planned for this weekend. I’ll be sure to keep you posted. But for now, the reality that a ten year old boy lives under my roof is starting to sink in and I think I need to lay down.

He's ten today and I feel faint.


Anonymous said...

Happy 10th Birthday, Chase and congratulations on your math competition award!

Yes, our babies do grow up way too fast...just think, only six more years and he can get his driver's license! Yikes!

Annapolis, MD

Joni said...

Yikes is right! Sedatives will be sought when Chase gets behind the wheel.

Prayers are needed now.

Thank you.


Not too old to learn said...

Happy Birthday! It is hard to see them grow up - but things become fun in just a different way! I know what you mean about cheering on your kids when they win something. We had a movie night at church a couple of months ago. We watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. During a break, the children's minister had a burping contest. I found myself cheering and calling out - "he can make it louder than that." How embarassing! We highly discourage rude behavior, but there were prizes on the line!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday chase!!! Remember the animals in your yard? What number was the petting zoo? And remember the pirate/ hunt one? Caroline will be ten in sept and I told her we'd skip it!

Oh, if you got a basket of ornaments, could we have one??? I love the pictures with the coaches. go dawgs. m

Anonymous said...

Hi, very interesting post, greetings from Greece!