Saturday, August 15, 2009

I Want To Be Like Her

I want to be like her.

There was a time when I approached the world with a bravado that is now foreign. High risk, high reward a mantra often repeated before taking a flying leap into the abyss of the unknown, embracing uncertainty as a challenge and the unfamiliar with uninhibited audacity.

Fear of failure and disappointment didn’t represent the roadblock that at times it does now, merely an additional motivator to uncover the manner in which to move it, go around it, or blow right through it.

At some point caution replaced courage, and hesitancy overcame impulse. Maturity and parenthood contributed to this inevitable evolvement, a necessary component when one life becomes responsible for another.

But there are moments when I feel an incorrigible urge to endeavor the new with wild, joyful abandon. To let go of the control and the trepidation, stretching beyond self-imposed limits, remembering the exhilaration of exchanging the impossible with the possible.

Attempting all things with childlike trust and faith, and always within the Father’s reach.

Just like her.


ekrisdinger said...

Your blog makes me unbelieveably happy. Many consider me a tough audience, but you CRACK ME UP. I think my favorite line was when you were cleaning out the playroom and with an attempt to throw away a broken doll, Mary Mac informed you that she liked it when the doll growled at her. I am still chuckling. I am considering moving to Georgia so I can be in your class. I mean, I cant seem to graduate after five years, so whats the hiccup of a move?

Baton Rouge, LA

Joni said...

Erin -
It makes me happy that my blog makes you happy.

Currently, I am on leave of absence from teaching, but the minute I return, we'll get you enrolled. To have at least one person laugh at my jokes in class would do WONDERS for my self esteem.

I heart the five year college plan. : )