Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Only In The South

This may be a crazy guess, but I imagine that those north of the Mason-Dixon line didn't find the following insert in their Sunday Paper:

Out of curiosity, what employee of Hardee's do you think is responsible for removing the red string from around the slice of bologna? When I was a kid, I joyfully removed it with my teeth.

Just sayin'......


Anonymous said...

I actually live south of the Mason-Dixon line (although Southerners I speak with always disagree and tell me I am from the North!)...but, nope, I didn't see any ads for fried bologna biscuits in Sunday's paper. Is fried bologna a popular breakfast menu item in your town?

Annapolis, MD

Joni said...


How 'bout that? I incorrectly assumed that all those in the Southeast received the Hardee's coupon.

Maybe it only came to our town, which would mean that our city has been singled out and profiled!

You can get in trouble for that at the airports..... : )