Sunday, November 15, 2009

Halloween in November

What better time to share Halloween pictures than a time when most are focusing on Thanksgiving? At least that’s the shaky logic I’m offering in order to feel better about the tardy nature in which I seem to be approaching family memories.

I feel confident that I could be on top of family memory preservation and family story recollection if the path towards the computer weren’t so obstructed by my, well,

It seems we have been so busy with the making of memories that I have haven’t been able to keep up with the recording of said memories. I really must talk to my family about this unsettling trend. How am I to be engaged with the blog if I am so engaged with them?

With the passing of each hour, the cruel clock in my head reminds me of the minutes that will never again be mine. I want to capture various moments in picture and words but also don’t want to confine my children’s recollections of me. Do they consider the photo lens of my camera as an extra feature of my face? Will they remember me as someone with one eye shut, the warped photographic version of Popeye, searching for that perfect shot that promises to encapsulate the memory?

I want to dutifully record without being robbed of the occasion. I want to document their joy but without the separation that threatens my own. And selfishly, I want to use my camera to remember it all but not at the cost of sacrificing the moment.

So the posts may be a little late. But I’m praying my children think that I’m right on time.


Chase taking a moment to summon forth all of his creative juices:

I could lick this face it is so cute:

What a pumpkin looks like after it catches the swine flu:

Miley Cyrus:

The Blues Brothers or Amish children. Feel free to choose:

Neighborhood Party:

Little girls dressed up as SASSY:

July 4th pictures coming soon.

Not really. : )

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