Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ivey's Mom

I have admired her story mostly from afar. The blog on which she writes is one of the first I ever visited, and the impact it made on me then still loudly resonates now.

Over the Christmas holidays, Gwen and I were introduced at an ornament swap party, and I realized that the lovely face I met in person coincided exactly with the lovely words created in print.

We both seemed to possess a similar joy, one that is usually born from a place that starts as sorrow, but evolves steadily and then more firmly, into a new condition of the heart. Our spirits seemed alike, and I knew we would be friends when she found the misguided humor in my short demonstration of how ornaments could be hung from the hooks in braces.

(Yes, I did. And yes, she did.)

Recently, Gwen nominated my blog for A Lemonade Stand award, a friendly recognition of those who turn life’s lemons into lemonade. While I am surprised that she even reads my blog – that now brings the count to a total of three – I am thankful that someone of her caliber, grace, and hard earned wisdom found it worthy of a periodic glance.

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