Monday, February 22, 2010

An American Girl Party

Mary Mac celebrated her 6th birthday with a party at the American Girl boutique. While her brothers, Chase and Chandler, weren't exactly thrilled to be included in all of the baby doll festivities, their attitudes during the celebration were best summarized by Chandler, "If we have to go, we might as well enjoy it."

This is a sharp contrast to the night before with Chase. Saturday morning found him posing with Hula dolls:

Just 24 hours earlier, he had been preparing for an Air Soft War birthday party:

I found this a little disturbing on so many levels. It reminded me of the Voo-Doo episode on Gilligan's Island. I tried to hang my pocketbook from one of the hooks, but our party attendant informed me that they were reserved for the dolls. Even now, I can still feel their eyes following me.

Sweet, birthday girl in the arts and crafts room. Mary Mac wanted to know why I kept staring at the dolls on the wall. I told her it was for her protection.

Lauren and Kate have been friends since infanthood.

Another contrast for Chase. (And a picture I will gladly blackmail him with during teenage years.) This is my son forgetting how quick on the draw I am with the camera.

Again, the night before:

Lunch is served

Our birthday girl. She's six. And I still feel sick.

Opening presents with Mimi:

Lauren, Mary Mac and Ella Cate. Notice the batman necklace.

Her American Doll also had a spiderman shirt. Love it. Why couldn't my boys pose with this doll rather than the hula doll? Never mind. I know why.

Pure preciousness:

Mary Mac wore her new pajamas to bed that night. Her doll, Julie, had new ones as well. It was a great day and my daughter loved every minute of the party.

But I really don't like the way her doll is watching me. It makes me want to purchase pushpins.


ekrisdinger said...

ok, yes. the hooks are very creepy. like something out of a crime show.

lauren massey said...

hi this is lauren i loved the party thank you