Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Small Town Charm

I didn't expect to love our small town as much as I do. Moving to this community was somewhat of an unexpected detour off of the steady path we had so painstakingly plowed. At the time, it was difficult to understand the purpose behind our transition, to accept a new life when all we really wanted was the old.

God's view was bigger:

While we were only given a glimpse,

the dim lights slowly brightened to reveal a little more of the picture.

Small town life suits us well. It is a place where the children's choir in your 100 year old church can still make the adults cry.

And where every Saturday the best entertainment in town is found on the peewee baseball field with all of your neighbors and friends.

It is a place where after school treats can be enjoyed in the quaint bakery downtown,

where you are greeted warmly by your first name and given your favorite strawberry cupcake before it is requested.

I love this small town and all of its charm and beautiful sights.

Well, maybe not all of them.


Just Another Ordinary Miracle said...

Hey that's our truck. We let my cousins from Polk county borrow it.

Joni said...


I thought I recognized that truck.

Do you think your cousins would let me borrow a couple of those chairs? It looks as though they could spare a few.


Anonymous said...

sadly dislike.

Joni said...


Oh, I know. :(

I love where we've moved to, but will always love where we moved from.

I hope to see ya'll this summer. Can you get away in July for a few days in Greenville?


elizabeth said...

This small town has much more charm now that your family has moved here! I really mean that. It's always nice to see a friendly (and pretty) face mixed in with all the "uppity" folks around here.

Joni said...


Thanks! We're glad this is home, too.

I'm glad my braces aren't a deterrent for you... : )


georgiamom said...

I love that my car is in that picture.

Joni said...


Like you are leading a parade.....


JMom said...

I love this post...and, as usual, the comments made it even more enjoyable!!!

Makes me smile :-)

Anonymous said...

the comments on this post further prove what a small town really means:)

Joni said...


Thanks! Good to see you Saturay!


Joni said...


There are some funny folks in this charming little place. I think I read somewhere that there is more quick wit per capita than any other place in the state. : )


Kara said...

Oh- so glad you are happy in your new home. But things will never be the same in this old town. Some of the sparkle has gone!!! Kara

Joni said...


I miss the "old town". I am a better wife, mom and friend because of the influences of Flo-Town.

Looking forward to Greenville! Can we stretch it to two nights this year?