Sunday, June 20, 2010

Some Things Are Worth Repeating

Some things are worth repeating. This is one of them.

I Didn't Deserve You, But My Children Did.

I didn’t deserve you, but my children did. Years ago when we first met, I was wild and flighty; you were steady and so sure. My faith was on shaky ground, your feet were planted firmly. Two people could not have been more opposite, but by the grace of God, ended up with everything in common.

I didn’t deserve you, but my children did. You never left my side during those unremitting hours of newborn terror. Neither one of us was all that capable, but your encouragement and confidence led me through those sleepless nights and fearful days when I was paralyzed by inadequacy. I became a good mom because you were a great dad.

I didn’t deserve you, but my children did. You were immediately engaged and enamored with each of our children. It was an instant bond that came as natural to you as breathing, as instinctive as the beat of your generous heart. You simply could not get enough of them. Your patience and your pride allowed for endless rounds of patty-cake and peek-a-boo, then transitioning into hours of UNO and playing catch in the yard.

I didn’t deserve you, but my children did. You are a gifted and compassionate physician, with patient burdens I cannot comprehend. Your workload and schedule demands all of you, but you have never succumbed to the pressure. Starting your day extra early and working through lunch, you make it home for dinner with your family, and then tuck each child into bed with a heartfelt prayer, knowing that you will be up to midnight to work on charts that fell second place to your children.

I didn’t deserve you, but my children did. The way you look at our children cannot be manufactured or contrived, a mixture of love and wonder, amazement and joy. I never tire of watching you watching them. School performances and awards, ballgames and recitals, you always sit in the seat beside me, squeezing my hand with tears in your eyes, still so grateful that you are allowed the moment.

I didn’t deserve you, but my children did. You are my closest friend, my most trusted confidante. My love for you defies available words and still stuns me at its overwhelming capacity. The children unabashedly adore you, look up to you, and want to be just like you. And the dog thinks you’re the best.

I didn’t deserve you, but my children did.

Happy Father's Day,


Lauren said...

That is amazing, Joni. Thanks for sharing:)

Georgia Jan said...

Joni - You are a gifted writer my friend. Although I enjoy your delightful sense of humor - this post has blessed my heart in BIG ways this evening. I needed to read this -

Thank you Joni,


Joni said...


Thanks! Have a great week at the beach!


Joni said...


Thank you.

Did you see that Beth gave you props today on Living Proof's blog?! I think this kind of makes you famous. : )

You represent our state well!


twinkle said...

I have loved reading every one of your posts, but this one is just the best thing I've ever read honoring a father.
He sounds amazing and I know he is proud to be the man of your home.
That's what this is...not a house but a home.
Love you!

Joni said...

Thank you Twinkle. Our home is at times chaotic, and loud, and messier than the law should allow.

But you're right - it is home.

Thanks for your comment. It is one of the nicest compliments I've ever received.


JMom said...

It is worth repeating. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. (That was worth repeating too!)

Joni said...


Thank you, thank you, thank you. : )