Sunday, August 15, 2010

Little Bites

Please allow me a small break in the joyful summer recap I have been posting in supposed blogathon form to bring you a public service announcement pertaining to Little Bites.Don't buy them for your children. Not only are they addicting to all those under four feet tall, they will cause a feud at the breakfast table not seen since Captain Crunch offended munchkins everywhere by adding berries.

Each box contains only five packages. Divide that number between three children and suddenly the unfairness of mathematics makes them mad as well.

Our children came up with a method to curb the ongoing war pertaining to the mini muffins filled with ingredients that send shivers up a pediatric dentist’s spine. Each child would stake claim to a box, writing their individual names in bold letters that pronounce undisputed possession.

Mary Mac – our precocious six year old – took ownership one step further.

Not only does the box belong to her, but it absolutely, positively does NOT belong to her brother.


Leslie said...

So like a girl to think of all the possible loopholes (is that how you spell it?). Pretty cute!

twinkle said...

Joni, this makes me hungry!

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