Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Summer Recap

It has been a full summer. A season that has gone by much too rapidly because of days filled with the celebration that comes with a long waited school break. . Household chores and responsibilities typically associated with duties as housewife and/or medical scut monkey in my husband’s practice fell to the last rung on that ladder known as priorities. It also seems that I have been so involved in making memories that I’ve neglected to record said memories.

For prosperity’s sake, I will be engaging in a blogathon over the next week or so to recap all that occurred while on an unintentional posting hiatus the last three months. To quickly summarize, there have been family golf outings that made Caddy Shack seem prestigious. With our closest friends, we managed to squeeze two beach trips into the summer calendar in the same manner that the brightly colored Cheese Whiz is compressed in a can. We have skied at the lake and sparkled on the fourth. The children enjoyed day camps that included art, cheerleading, basketball, baseball and football as well as overnight camp that entailed zip lines, white water rafting, and homesick letters.

The pool provided a lot of our entertainment in the form of swimming as well as temporary, chlorinated hair color changes to the blondes in our family. We have eaten breakfast when it should have been lunch and eaten supper when it should have been slumber. Rainy days found us in the movie theatres, 3-D glasses perched on our noses, to laugh at the potty humor of Shrek and the spy skills attributed to Cats and Dogs. The Karate Kid made us want to move to Japan until we realized the limited availability of swiss cake rolls and ranch-flavored Doritos in that region. However, that didn’t stop us from karate-chopping every object in sight or relentlessly adding “san” to the end of each of our names.

Our summer break has been just that - a break from schedules and routine, a break from anything typical. Memories made more than beds and vacations taken more than vitamins. It has been a great season for our family.

And one full of wide-open, wide-ranging, all-encompassing, all-inclusive JOY.


Leslie said...

Oh how I love the summer, too. Ours is coming to an end soon, also. It is wonderful to fill yourselves up and ready your kids to face another school year of hustle and bustle. I look forward to your summer recap.

Joni said...


As much fun as we have had, I am ready for a routine. A schedule in place and an orderly home again will be a nice change.

By the end of October, however, I'll be counting down the days until summer break. : )