Thursday, October 7, 2010


Mom of Eleven said...

So proud of you!!!

Joni said...


I appreciate the prayers and the texts our bible study group sent on my way to Atlanta.

Particularly the one that said, "praying that you don't spit on anyone."

That's true support. : )


The Ashworth family said...

Joni -
I can't tell you how God-ordained your speaking engagement was at MOPS on Tuesday. It was my first time there - we have just moved from Arizona, and I felt like it took a lot of effort to be there. I was nursing my baby in the back corner half of the time you were speaking. I so entirely connected with your story. I was also raised a PK, and just this past weekend found myself crying to my husband on the end of our bed about the fact that I had no joy in living - everyday - I have been so overwhelmed with everyday life and all the transitions involved with moving and adjusting. I have these 2 little boys looking up to me and I feel like I can barely get through a day. I know that God had you there on Tuesday to talk about intentional joy. Thank you for being obedient and so real. You are refreshing, and I am now looking for the joy in my life that God has lovingly placed all around me. I needed that reminder from Him.

Kay said... speak froom the is a rare gift!

Joni said...

Joy -

I love your name. : )

All the angst, all the worry, all the self-doubt, and all the gastrointestinal distress experienced leading up to the event just became TOTALLY worth it because of your kind hearted comment.

God is so cool. And I could just bawl about it.


Joni said...

Thanks Kay!


twinkle said...

That is a terrible feeling, doing something even when you are scared. But it feels so right. I know you made God's day...

Joni said...


I'm starting to understand - because I am quick like that - it's the uncomfortable places we are put in that bring Him the most glory.

It doesn't help my GI tract much, though. : )


Just Another Ordinary Miracle said...

Proud of you - you are very encouraging - full of laughter - and someone who always makes me smile. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall.


Joni said...

Awwwwwww, thanks G. You just made my day.

Blushing joyfully,

Amber Hanshaw said...

I really, really enjoyed having you at MOPS. I laughed when you said something along the lines of laughing is better than crying. How true! Even though crying is sometimes far easier! Thanks for being willing to obey God even when it put you far out of your comfort zone...many mommies were blessed!

Joni said...


Thanks! It was a privilege - and a joy- to meet you all.