Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Forty-One Things Worse Than Turning Forty-One. Enjoy!

1. Grown men who wear parachute pants
2. A tube top of any kind
3. A fanny pack of any kind
4. Haircuts that are business in the front and party in the back
5. Restricted access to underwire
6. Those who wear dark socks with shorts
7. Potty training
8. Being told, “You‘re too late for the epidural.”
9. Check writers with 40 items in the 15 item line
10. Parentheses mark between eyebrows
11. The skinny jean
12. Hormones of a teenage boy
13. Athlete’s Foot
14. A McRib sandwich
15. College kids who call you ma’am
16. Adult braces
17. The movie Xanadu
18. Anything having to do with Lindsay Lohan
19. Hair growing from unnatural places
20. Nair
21. Potted meat
22. Irritable Bowel Syndrome
23. Eyebrows that cannot be tamed
24. Carpool line
25. Using a Port-A-Potty in hot temperatures
26. Karaoke involving selections by MC Hammer
27. Music Videos of Menudo
28. Blue lights in the rear view mirror
29. Post pregnancy incontinence
30. Halitosis
31. Keeping up with backpacks and permission slips
32. Keeping up with the Jones’
33. Any song by Wham
34. Pap smears
35. Jean Nate perfume
36. Commenting on the pregnant stomach of someone not pregnant
37. A spiral perm
38. One-ply toilet tissue
39. Piano Recitals involving 50 children
40. Laundry of any kind
41. Turning FORTY-TWO


Erin said...

Love the list!

I had forgotten about Jean Nate!
Thanks to you the commercial will be running through my head all night - "Jean NATAY! Jean NATAY!"
(I'm having 70's flashbacks!)

Joni said...

Erin -

Sorry. Really it's that commercial rather than the smell that makes me dislike that perfume so much. Remember the large puff that came with the powder?


Tracy said...

So I get the eyebrows comment. My hairdresser and I call them my antennas. But I think u need to add jeggins. I stupidly tried them on and went into a deep depression for days.

Joni said...


Jeggings definitely should have been included.

Although Steven Tyler from American Idol would disagree. He loves his. : )