Monday, April 16, 2012

Pray for Chase

For years now, my writing has focused on joy. Both on this blog and in publication elsewhere, my stories reflect the everyday domestic nonsense that, surprising still to yours truly, others find funny. What began as a family journal for posterity’s sake as well as the singular, lofty goal of making my husband laugh at work, evolved into a personal journey of finding joy in the mundane, the unbelievable and the difficult.

 As much as I love to weave together a good narrative, the one I plan to share with you is by far the one I will most dislike.  Not because I don’t trust that the story was purposely ordained by a perfect Author, but rather it is a chapter that will leave a permanent scar, earmarked in a way that ensures I never forget its place.

Three weeks ago our twelve year old son, Chase, was injured while playing in a middle school lacrosse game. He suffered a head trauma that at first was diagnosed as a mild concussion.  Over the next few days, symptoms worsened, bringing immobilizing pain as well as dependence on a wheelchair.  The severity of the concussion as well as its physical effects have baffled all physicians involved – my spouse included- and led us down a medical path that has been difficult to navigate.

With my son’s permission, I will journal some of the details our family has experienced. Some so painful it still takes my breath and some so full of blessings that it makes my heart inconceivably full.  

Ministry is born from pain. Someday, either standing off balanced or completely steady, Chase will use his circumstances to witness to another. Though the story remains unwritten and the details have yet to be revealed, I am confident it will end well. Know that we still believe God is good – all the time – even when a twelve year old’s brain is severely injured.

Please pray for our son , Chase.


Shawn Williams said...

Prayers going up for Chase and for you, his very strong mother, who will need more strength than ever.

Kelley Close said...

Prayers going up right...NOW. Praying for all of you. Keep us updated as you can.

Erin said...

I will continue to pray for Chase and your family. I know he's on the road to a complete recovery. Hugs!

Melissa said...

Praying for your son and all of your family.

Lane Beard said...

Praying for Chase and for your family.