Friday, May 25, 2012

For Our Teachers

They are teachers.

They don’t do it for the money. And it can’t be for the fame or notoriety. Their lives aren’t indulgent or coveted by those who shadow luxury.

In a world that often seeks attention for every good work or deed, they serve quietly and without public notice, finding value in their passion rather than significance in recognition.  Selfless devotion to young minds rewarded when seeing  achievements emerge from their investments, a return beyond known calculation.

Hours are long, breaks are short and flexibility in schedules almost non-existent. A work day requires full student engagement, a task that is both rewarding and exhausting. The classroom demands perpetual attention, an undertaking both energizing and draining.

It is a job that can be thankless, yet they don’t seek appreciation. It is a profession that can go unacknowledged, but their purpose isn’t to feel distinguished.  It is an occupation often scrutinized, but their sound objectives refuse to be  encumbered.

They make a difference. They influence. They inspire. They ignite. The lives impacted are too many to number, yet to a teacher never enough. The places they will send students too far to imagine, yet to a teacher the distance not quite adequate.

The pay scale may never authenticate true worth; accolades may never convey all that has been accomplished. But reparation is experienced because they followed their hearts, pursued their calling, impressed upon children. It is a life lived well and one that loved others even better.

They are teachers.

For Dr. B., Mrs. Duncan, Mrs. Nida, Mrs. Anthony, Mrs. Kinney, Mr. Dacy, Mrs. Fine, Mrs. Evans, Mrs. Glass, Ms. Henry, Coach D., Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Fine, Mrs. Burns, Mrs. Robinson, Mrs. Butler, Coach Rice, Coach Liddle, Coach Smith, Coach Atha, Mrs. Sullins and Dr. Hutchins.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. I have never read a finer articulation of what a teacher is, than this. May you all have a great Summer! We are truly blessed! Every day is a gift!