Saturday, December 29, 2012


Christmas day was full and fun and spent with family. Below are a few photos from our day:

Loot from Santa:

The reveal:


There's only One Direction for Mary Mac:

The newest member to Duck Dynasty:

Targeting the very threatening window treatments in the corner:

 The aftermath and cause for my vacuum cleaner to whine for mercy:

A little extra something from Santa and his peeps:

After opening gifts Christmas morning, Mary Mac found distinctive marks  left by Santa's sled  in front of our home. Apparently, the jolly man went "mudding" in the yard, turning our lawn into Bermuda slaw.
         (Mudding, or mud bogging, is a form of off-road sport in which the goal is to drive through a pit of mud of a set length.  A Wikipedia explanation for  those not in the South) 

The sugar high from ingestion of a plate full of cookies must have sidetracked Santa for a bit:

Said plate full of cookies had an adverse effect on the reindeer:

(All photos courtesy of Mary Mac.)

Later that night, we hosted a Christmas gathering for extended family.

For extra Christmas joy, we added a white elephant gift exchange to this year's tradition. Some took this to a  literal sense:

Kicked back with a cute baby:

My siblings (bottom row) and spouses:

Our 20th Christmas together:

 Me and my peeps:

Merry Christmas!

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