Monday, December 17, 2007

Mary Mac

Mary Mac is our 3 year old daughter who is an absolute joy and delight, but at the same time, is a child who could bring James Dobson to his knees. We have many Mary Mac stories that I hope to document in this blog just so I can prove to her one day the enormous amount of patience and love exercised towards her by our family.

A few days ago, I found her in the middle of the floor playing with our manger scene, a collection in which a few pieces have been addded over the last twelve years. I could feel my heart (and my pride) swell as I looked at my sweet child focusing all of her 30-second attention span on the scene she had created. She had the angel, which typically is attached to the top of the manger, hovering directly over the baby Jesus, who was gazing up so innocently from His manger.

I commented to Mary Mac that I liked the way she had placed the angel just so over the baby so she could pray for Him. Mary Mac looked up at me as though I had lost my mind and responded, "That's not an angel. The baby Jesus has just lost a tooth and that's the tooth fairy."

Clearly our household is going to have to address some theology issues in 2008.

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