Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Our state experienced a devastating drought this past summer. Lakes were so low that boaters metamorphosed into treasure hunters, brandishing metal detectors along the dry banks looking to find items like cellphones, car keys and sunglasses thrown overboard by wayward toddlers and angry girlfriends.

An unfortunate result of the drought was a watering ban put into place all over the state.Folks collected bath water, dish water, and gutter water all in the hopes of preserving dying foliage. I encountered a personal side effect from the drought as my usual green thumb (okay, maybe turquoise) turned an unbecoming shade of brown.

The water ban has since been released and we have spent the past two weekends rejuvenating and/or replacing our sad little plants. My husband does his own yardwork - which means that I am his scut monkey yard assistant- so much back breaking labor went into re-establishing the photosynthesis process lacking in previous months.

While much of my vocal protesting as assigned weed puller and stick picker upper was at a maximum, I do have to admit that the results brought more joy than I could have expected. My fingernails still look like those of an oil changing mechanic and I encountered more creepy crawly thingys than any grown woman should have to, but the results might make the gardeners on HGTV nod their heads in approval.

Check out my Before and Afters:

The family that works together has blisters together. Cute little scut monkeys:

My hands touched every one of these sticks. I HEART gloves very much.

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