Friday, April 4, 2008

From the Backseat

A good amount of chatter takes place in the backseat of my car. Observations, conversations, and disagreements are exchanged between the team in the backseat (children) versus the team in the front seat (adults). John and I hang in there for as long as we can, but it does seem that most times we are struck speechless, either because we are trying not to laugh, or because we are dumbfounded by the things they say or ask. Dumb, of course, being the key word.

There have been a couple of occasions this week that have caused different reactions from those of us riding in front. Here are a few:

Occasion One:
Mary Mac loves to sing and especially likes to croon to songs that she devises spontaneously. Whatever subject matter that may be floating around in her joyful little brain usually comes out in the format of a toddler show tune. This has happened often enough that we refer to her as Mary Mac, The Musical, while also hand motioning the universal sign of "jazz hands".

So a few days ago, as we were riding along cheerfully in the car, the following song comes out of her sweet little mouth:

(Insert out of tune melody that only a four year old could create)

"Jessuusss, I know you can't swiiimmmmmm, but at least you can walk on waaatterrrr"

Huh?! I laughed as I attempted to imagine the picture in my daughter's head that produced this show stopping tune. Perhaps Jesus walking on top of the water with floaties around His arms in case He needed to swim? Or an inflated swim tube around His waist as He walked towards Peter in the storm? Clearly, theology issues will need to be addressed sometime soon.

Occasion Two:
Last night, we attended the season opener of a baseball game with a family with three year old triplets.

(Please indulge me with a slight interruption. If you want to read a real blog,one with organized thoughts, intelligent insights,and humorous observations, visit Lots of Scotts. It will make you question, and quite possibly, regret, the time you spent perusing the ramblings posted by yours truly. One thing though - I do expect family members to remain loyal. Just sayin'..)

The triplets fascinated my children as exampled by the comments made in the car on the way home.

"So, that means they all have the same birthday. Like ,if they wanted to have a cowboy party, they would also have to include cowgirls, because, you know, one of them is a girl. EWwwwwwww, that means you'd have to have girls at your party!"(Chandler, 6 years old)

"One of those tripohlets is a singer just like me. He wasn't scared at all to sing in front of EVERYBODY. Can you teach me all the words of his song, Who Let The Dogs Out?" (Mary Mac, 4 years old)

"Wait a minute. We're not triplets. In fact, we're not even twins. Then why do you make us wear matching outfits to church?!" (Chase, 8 years old)

"Busted." (John, 40 something years old.)


wendymom said...

LOL, I too wish I could audio record all of the conversations that my kids have in the back of the "big green van".

Joni said...

Come pick me up in your "big green van" someday so I can listen too!

JMom said...

I love that your children are as funny as you and John. I lost it at the reference to Who Let the Dogs Out! The matching outfits comment was just icing on the cake!

Meritt said...

I loved all of them! I was ready to comment on the Jesus swimming one but then they were all just as good as the first one! LOL.