Tuesday, May 13, 2008

How You Know It's Time To Wash Your Car

Last night we took the children to watch another minor league baseball game. The atmosphere is always fun, with games and prizes that require audience participation in between each inning. We witnessed burly men playing musical chairs around home plate, listened to a 4th grade teacher sing lyrics joyfully off-key to the song Summer Lovin' and cheered on the relay races between two costumed characters who left a trail of sweat in the dirt behind them.

Good times.

My children were thoroughly entertained and John and I were able to enjoy the game we both love to watch. I silently congratulated myself on the wholesome, family memories we were creating for our children.

"... and those who walk in pride He is able to humble." (Daniel 4:37)

Just minutes after my self-congratulation another contest was held. Apparently, the baseball attendants had roamed the expansive parking lot of the stadium in search of the DIRTIEST CAR.

(You know where I am going with this.)

After searching high and low, they stumbled upon a black Expedition that clearly took their breath away, and decided to award said Expedition with an award.


It went something like this:
(read the following in a cheerful, smug voice)

"And now, ladies and gentlemen, we would like to announce the winner of our dirtiest car award. If you drive a black Expedition with license number, 123456, your car is the DIRTIEST in the parking lot among the HUNDREDS searched. Congratulations on being the DIRTIEST car! Please pick up your prize at the customer service desk. Fans, let's hear it for the DIRTIEST car!"

(much hand clapping and cheering)

Because I was in a state of shock and humiliation, I made the mistake of verbalizing out loud to John, "We just won the dirtiest car award", forgetting, of course, about the little ears under my watch who delighted in receiving this honor. They immediately requested permission to share the good news with their teachers and all of their friends, chattering excitedly and incessantly about our good fortune.

A little while later, we exited the stadium, found our dirty car and travelled home in all of our filthy glory.

We did not pick up our prize at the customer service desk.

Because, as proven, we are prideful.


Anonymous said...

The Dirtiest Car award is definitely something any NOG worth their salt would take great pride in receiving. Don't be ashamed -- go pick up your prize next game......Good girl, Joni!

Meritt said...

I can't believe you didn't pick up your prize!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wendymom said...

I would have proudly gotten my prize!!

JMom said...

I would have take the prize too, sister! Maybe it was a car wash. We were there last night. I hate that I was so bust chasing wild children that I missed EVERYTHING going on on the field. I would have loved that!

laurie said...

you only won because we weren't there. . . . was the prize a car wash? we had fun saturday, let's plan something soon-

elizabeth said...

I would be willing to bet that my minivan would beat your car anyday. I challenge you to that.