Wednesday, May 28, 2008

School's Out!


End of the school year parties, picnics, water days and field trips turned our household upside down this past week. There were special days to bring special snacks, specific attire for specific events and particular places for particular children. Leading up to this overloaded week I knew that it was going to take some effort and coordination so I created a color-coded calendar, highlighitng the requirements and activities for each child for each day, to ensure that the following occurred:
(I have just delighted control freaks everywhere with the words "color coded".)

1. That everyone was transported correctly to each event planned.(We've had some trouble before when our calendar became a little too challenged.)

2. That I was able to visit each classroom of all three children on the same day, close to the same hour, without participating in a weird cloning experiment conducted by wayward scientists.(Multiple children with multiple parties equals mommies running frantically between classrooms, shoving cupcakes and Cheetos into mouths rapidly before advancing to the next classroom filled with preservatives. Now that's an INVOLVED PARENT, PEOPLE)

3. That I correctly clothed children according to the theme of the day: Wear orange and yellow on orange and yellow day! Wear beach clothes for beach day! Wear pajamas for movie and popcorn day! Wear bathing suits and bring a change of clothes for water day!

4. That I provided the cash, the permission slips, the social security numbers and the finger prints from yours truly so that my children could participate in all scheduled events.
(As a small side note, I'm not sure what my social security number and finger identification had to do with school participation. I fear that it was really the 3K teachers doing a background check on me due to a recent revelation made from Mary Mac:)
Mary Mac: "I was sad when I used to live in Carefulina."
3K teacher: "Really Mary Mac? Why were you sad when you lived in South Carolina?"
Mary Mac: "Because my mommy and daddy were in prison."

(For those of you wondering, we were not in prison and are law abiding citizens. Except, of course, when we are speeding to school or to church on Sunday morning. Know that we have asked for forgiveness for our indiscretions.)

Somehow, between three field trips, three class parties, two water days and one breakfast luau, all children were in the right place at the right time wearing the right clothes.

Thank you, Jesus.

End of the school year photos:

3K Class Picnic: Amelia and Mary Mac

3K Party: You gotta pray before you party....

Group hug:

5K Class Clown Party - I kept my distance from the man with the red nose.Clowns scare me even at a Christian school.

Chandler HEARTS Sugar

3rd Grade Breakfast Luau: Jack and Chase

This is what happens if you eat too many blueberry muffins:

Now, we are joyfully beginning the lazy, laid-back days of summer, where the days are our own, our attire is of our own choosing.

And there's not a color coded calendar in sight.

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elizabeth said...

It is so funny that you say that because summer is WHEN my color coded calendars come out! As a matter of fact I just finished it this morning. I have to hold the girls to some sort of schedule, especially my oldest, so that she won't be so lazy and forget everything she just learned during the school year. I also use them being home as an opportunity for some help around the house. So my calendar is loose, but reading, making beds, and maybe a household chore 2 days a week at least is on the calendar. I hope it works!

Enjoy the summer! I do so love not waking to an alarm clock every day!