Thursday, June 12, 2008

Preservative Alert

I can only presume that my husband knows something that I don't. He recently ventured to Target unaccompanied and returned with the purchases below.

Apparently there is imminent concern surrounding potato chip availability which is why one might purchase NINE bags of chips at Target.

So either chips are becoming obsolete, which would account for the squirreling away of Kettle Chips in my pantry, or deep fried potato slices with a gourmet twist bring my husband great gastronomic joy.


elizabeth said...

Men always overdo it, don't they?

I know where I'm coming for snacks!! Those Buffalo Bleu chips just made my mouth water. That sounds wonderful.

Im hungry


Meritt said...

Oooo I know the temptation he was feeling! I do not buy potato chips on a regular basis.... as a matter of fact they are bought in this household about once every 6-7 months but it's SO HARD to walk by that aisle in Target because the kettle chips scream out my name.

I'll take the buffalo versions and the jalapeno versions off your hands if you feel you have too many.