Monday, June 23, 2008

Temporarily Disconnected...

...and I don't mean my home phone. (Although, regrettably, this has occurred, particularly in my early, single days when it was more of a priority to purchase a sassy, new pair of shoes over conversing through the assistance of Ma Bell. Know that I have changed my Wiley ways.)

Our family has been on vacation since last Friday, returning late this past Saturday night. The destination of choice- St. George Island, Florida - was new for us as our summer getaways for the last seven years have been on the shores of South Carolina.

My plan ( do you hear God laughing?) was to chronicle the trip each day through ambitious bloggin', thumping away on my laptop each morning, drinking coffee while listening to the waves of the ocean. What I did not anticipate was the absence of modems and towers. For 8 days, we could not use our cell phones and - HORROR OF HORRORS - there was no internet access.

Now, how are you supposed to relax without worldwide communication? What kind of vacation is THAT?!

After suffering through the DSL DT's and the visible shakes that accompany one's fingers when a keyboard is unavailable, I began to accept my antiquated environment and found that I LOVED IT. Just me and my family enjoying one another in one of the most beautiful places in the Southeast.

I feel bad that my last post was a provocative, inspiring commentary about kettle chips, and even worse that it stayed up for over 10 days. I do apologize. However, the temporary, disconnection from the world was worth any blog staleness the post about chips may have caused. (See, everything is back to normal. The jokes are still terrible and the mean, little red box in the corner is still available. Mercy.)

I have lots of pictures to post, and many memories to recount, but for now, domestic duties demand my attention. Loads of laundry and stacks of mail beckon, not to mention that I REALLY need to pay the phone bill.


Meritt said...

I wondered... but figured you had a very good reason for leaving the potato chip post up. LOL.

I may have to pick your brain on the vacation - as we are tossing around the Florida vacation thing too - even though we have gone to South Carolina for the last 15 years (we went in April so officially we did the SC thing) but I also have a feeling your budget and ours are a bit too far apart. LOL. Still - I admit I've got 'our' Tampa-vicinity hotel bookmarked and I check rates regularly.

Darnit - how come my comments always become novels?

Joni said...

M- We vacationed with two other families, renting a large home through Renting a home or a condo through this owner site is sometimes less expensive than staying in a hotel.
Check out the site. You will be amazed at the variety of prices at various homes/condos throughout the Southeast.
We bought fresh seafood every day and cooked at home which I found more relaxing than hauling everyone out to a restaurant. This vacation was one of the more budget friendly ones and I didn't have to endure anything with the word "calabash" in it!
(Those who vacation in South Carolina know EXACTLY what I'm talking about!)
Hope this helps.