Monday, August 25, 2008

Don't Mess With Texas

My trip to San Antonio was unbelievable and I am exhausted by the pure joy. I haven't quite gathered my thoughts on all that I learned, or wrapped my head around the atmosphere I experienced, but know that the minute the neurons in my brain start firing properly again, you’ll be the first to know.

(More accurately, you'll be the second to know as I have been talking about the weekend nonstop to my husband since I arrived home yesterday. I know that his ears hurt when he left for work this morning, but he’s a doctor, and I’m certain there is some sort of ointment or pill to soothe the ear injuries caused by a wife who talks too much and in run on sentences, all while hand motioning emphatically.)

Until then, here are a few photos from my weekend:

Wendy, Emmy, me and Mandy:

I tried to make my hair really big in Beth's honor but the weather would not cooperate. Texas was so hot that the air singed the ends of my hair and eyelashes the moment I stepped out of the cab.

Here is a photo taken with Amanda Moore Jones, the oldest daughter of Beth Moore:

As I was walking towards Amanda, she looked me straight in the eye and with a bright, familiar smile said, "Hey Joni! How are you?"

While I did respond to her - and in a way that showcased my true, inner DORK which I imagine is not surprising to anyone - it took 4.8 seconds to do so. During those 4.8 seconds, which caused irreparable damage to the aforementioned neurons, the following thoughts rapidly raced through my mind:

-How does she know my name?
-She must know me!
-Wait, the only way she could know me is if her mom has mentioned me.
-Beth Moore mentioned me?!
-That means she must read my blog.
-If she reads my blog, then she knows that I think that she’s my best friend.
-Which means, that she wants to be my best friend too, if she mentioned me to Amanda.

-Oh, no.
-I am wearing a name tag.
-That is how Amanda knows my name.
-I still have not responded to her greeting.
-She is beginning to look frightened of me.
-Quick. Think of something to say.

So, of all the normal, less scatterbrained ways I could have responded, I chose to say the following:

“Your blog is NICE.”

That’s it.

Not, “ Hello, it’s nice to meet you too.” Or “I love your mom’s bible studies. Please ask her to call me.” Or even, “You have great hair.”

(Seriously, who describes someone's blog as NICE?!)

Nope, I say only those four words and then continue to look at her IN SILENCE which causes her to glance toward the bodyguard who is supposed to protect her from all us crazies in wedge heels and walking shorts. Fortunately, my friend, Mandy, steps in to rescue me from the AWKWARDNESS, asking, “Would you mind if we took a picture?”

Oh, I wish it weren't true.

We also got the opportunity to meet Travis Cottrell (LOVE HIM) and I was able to momentarily behave as though I had some sense. I think it was because the body guard was giving me the evil eye.

(Dorothy, Coiffed and Joiner, it was a privilege and an honor to experience the weekend with you. The three of you bring me so much joy!)


CookingMama said...

Okay - I love your blog and read it all the time! My best friend met Ya'll while waiting in line on Friday afternoon/night. :)

Joni said...

Your friend told me about you! In fact, she also witnessed the aftermath of my "your blog is nice" humiliation.

Hope you can make the next Siesta... : )

Mom of Eleven said...

You make me laugh, my side has really been hurting today. I can't decide if it's from turning around all day on the plane to avoid the OCD, scary man beside me or from laughing too much,

Joni said...

I suspect it is a combination of both. However, you forget that you gave your abs a workout while walking the streets of San Antonio in your fancy pajams.

Good times.

Amanda said...

I promise I was feeling like the biggest dork in the room! This pregnancy has removed my ability to talk to people and I had droves of friends praying for me all weekend. I was desperate! Anyway, you are precious and I'm so glad you were there!

Emmy said...

That is hysterical! I am dying laughing! It was an honor to spend time with you, "Celestial Tea" oops I meant "Siestial"

SRye said...

haha, sounds like an awesome trip. BMoore really does know you are her BFF, no worries.

Joni said...

Amanda -
The dork award belongs to me. But I appreciate you trying to make me feel better.

Know that I will be working on my social skills for the next event....

Scott said...

Just popping around checking out blogs of people at the Siesta Fiesta to verify that that is really where my wife was this weekend. Sounded like too much fun for a conference.

by the way. Your blog is nice.

georgia mom said...

OK Now I'm the dork-----did Amanda just comment on your blog?!!? I bet after our encounter, the bodyguard flagged both of our blogs for further investigation.

momsi/Nonni said...

Such a great time you girls had and what a blessing to be with so many SIESTAS! Thanks for making me laugh as I didn't get to go but it is great to hear some of the funny stories. God Bless, Cheryl