Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I feel the need......the need for speed.

It resembled an Olympic event. One group of women stretched their calves while another huddled together, heads bent low, reviewing the play pattern they hoped would bring success. Instincts alert and ready, the estrogen-filled crowd jockeyed for their starting positions with a Bible in one hand and a Starbucks Skinny Caffe Latte in the other. The seconds slowly ticked down……and then THEY WERE OFF.

There were many moments this past weekend that defied worldly explanation, but one that still brings momentary, paralyzing awe was the opportunity to witness THOUSANDS of pocket book- toting women wearing Capri pants in assorted colors sprinting for their seats. It was a blur of fancy flip flops and manicured toes that raced through the corridors that day, bringing me a joy I will never forget.

Seats at the Living Proof event were unassigned. Women lined up hours before the doors opened, practicing their boxing out techniques that would make any power Forward on the San Antonio Spurs offer a high five in approval. The minute the doors opened, women of all ages burst through the doors of the Alamodome in a frenzy that resembled the year-end clearance sale at Saks Fifth Avenue.

From the outside, it may have appeared that this crowd lacked the agility and speed to reach such heights of athleticism. However, firsthand experience can testify that the United States Olympic Track and Field Team picked the wrong folks to represent them in China.

Even so, my group held their own as the three women with me were super-duper FAST. During the two day event, they managed to secure front row seating on both days of the conference as well as the reception held specifically for Bloggers.Unfortunately, I lagged a little behind because I couldn't quite reach the same levels of acceleration in my sassy wedge heels.

- front row alamodome

- front row siesta fiesta

(Upon further reflection of my weekend, I am convinced that Nike has missed the mark when manufacturing state of the art running shoes for the Olympics in China. In an ongoing pursuit of promoting speed, it really would be in their best interests to carefully consider the flip flop for the 2012 Games in London.)


Emmy said...

You are so funny! I love that post!

I am still laughing at everything this weekend! I miss you all!

It was all a Joy! My Heiress friend!

Joni said...

Just call us the Speedy Heiresses! AND we are not BORING!

Mom of Eleven said...

You kill my soul. I hate to admit, I even took my wedged, flip-flops off the first night and just ran my heart out. Glad to find a seat for you, you did look very cute in your shoes!

Joni said...

You have a servant's heart. I am even more grateful now to know that I was able to sit in the front row because you ran barefooted.

That brings me so much joy....

georgia mom said...

I miss my peeps!

Mom of Eleven said...

Me too!!

JMom said...

I LOVE that ya'll were front row at every event. Priscilla will be SO PROUD!