Wednesday, August 13, 2008

School Days

First day of school joy was experienced by ALL.

How can I be old enough to have a fourth grader?

Our feisty, first grader:

4K and fabulous:

Bright white, spanking new tennis shoes. And they make them run real fast, too.

And they're off....


Anonymous said...

oh, they look precious! i, on the other hand had the twitching eye thing today. we are at holden for a last hur-rah. And the ungrateful children I have raised had the audacity of saying the "bored" thing to me ON THE BEACH. I gave the "see the big stretch of sand, water, etc....go PLAY and DONT SIT WITH ME" speech. The 20th is not coming soon enough. I will leave black marks on the pavement turning onto Cherokee. miss you, mary

JMom said...

Precious! Is there anything cuter than beautiful children in uniform?