Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Just In Time

Tomorrow is the first day of school for my children and I am glad. Actually, more than glad; I am completely and unreservedly looking forward to it with great JOY. I love my children. I do. But after 77 days of unbridled togetherness, sending them off into the wild blue yonder of learning is happening just in time.

(And what is a YONDER anyway? This is exactly why those in my household need to go to school immediately so they can return home with the answer.)

Why is this happening just in time? Why am I looking forward to tomorrow in the same way I am looking forward to reuniting with my neglected boyfriend, Mr. Starbucks?

Here’s why: it will prevent me from resorting to the sedatives that would be necessary in maintaining any sense of sanity if I hear one more, “MOM, I’M BORED.” I’m afraid that if I hear this phrase voiced again my right eye may start a twitch that no amount of attention from an optometrist can correct.

So, it’s just in time. Schedules and routines will be established, delighting my type A personality that really aspires to be more of a B, kind of the same letter-changing way my current bra size of a gravity-addicted B yearns to be a perky, ever-saluting size C. (Neither of which, despite the amount of longing, will ever happen in this lifetime.)

We will have order, we will have color-coded calendars, we will have a plan. A system put confidently in place that ensures that classroom festivities are attended, sons are not left behind, and daughters not inadvertently lost.

All of this impending organization makes me deliriously giddy, replenishing the same adrenaline that fostered my enthusiasm for an agenda-free summer. The contradiction in my desires doesn’t escape me: sometimes I want schedules for us all; sometimes I don’t want them at all.

All I know is that as each season beckons, it comes just in time. Just in time for our family to re-group from the hectic months previous, welcoming the months ahead with renewed perspective, diligence, and ardor.

(And just in time to make that appointment to address the unfortunate, resulting twitch.)

Sixteen hours and counting.....

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