Monday, August 11, 2008

The Summer Activity Well Has Run Dry

This is how you know it's time to go back to school:

And this:

What first grader wouldn't race with joy to the classroom of this energetic and creative teacher? My children used to be impressed with the polka-dotted lettering I could do for them on their folders. Now, I've gotta learn the whole squiggly-line letter thingy to secure further admiration.

Game on, Mrs. Davidson.


georgia mom said...

Isn't she awesome?! M loved having her for a teacher. Chandler is going to have a great year!!

tigger said...

You are AWESOME!! I jumped back in my chair when I saw my handwriting on my computer screen though! hahahaha I love your blog--you are so creative and talented. I can alredy tell you are an INCREDIBLE mom. You have NO IDEA how competitive I really am though....sooooooo I will see your challenge... and --well, I don't know poker talk so.... oh well :)