Monday, September 15, 2008

Holy Banter

During our ride to school this morning, we discussed possible costumes for Halloween. Because of the yearlong joy the Elvis outfits brought to our family, we brainstormed various ensembles for the three of them that could potentially have the same lasting effect.

“How about the three little pigs?” I asked my audience in the backseat. Squeals of laughter responded until Mary Mac added, “That’s a good idea Mommy. I’ll be the pig that used brick for his house since I’m the smartest.”

Lack of humility on the part of a four year old quickly waned the enthusiasm of the others to dress like pork.

“How about characters from Star Wars?” offered Chandler. “ I could be Luke, Chase could be Darth Vader and Mary Mac could be Princess Leia.”

“Yeah,” Chase quipped, “We could put honeybuns on Mary Mac’s ears for her hair!"

Discussions continued until we reached the carpool line. As we neared drop-off, Chase suddenly exclaimed, “I’ve got it! I know exactly what the three of us can dress up like for Halloween!”

“What’s that, buddy?” I asked.

“I could be God. Chandler could be Jesus. And Mary Mac could be the Holy Spirit!”

There you go.

From Elvis to the Trinity - in just a year's time.


Emmy said...

That is just precious! I love it!

Meritt said...

Ahh... It will be interesting to see her costume. ;)

Aaron Blevins said...

Such Holy children ;)

Barrett said...

Nice! Can you mention my blog on yours... Its