Thursday, September 11, 2008

Random joy

The photographs below are random, but then again, so are the daily occurrences in our house. Sometimes life is just completely full, which can present a problem if your energy level is running about half empty. Concerted effort is necessary in keeping up with the energetic children in my household - and of those from others - but no amount of weariness at weeks end can negate the random joy they bring.

Why mommies of young boys should consider sedative supplements to their daily vitamin intake:

The garden spider the boys caught a few days ago...with THEIR HANDS.

The bulb looking thing to the right of the cage is the sack of tiny baby spiders laid by the mama spider. This sack originally was attached to the spider's bottom and one I erroneously thought was part of the spider's permanent anatomy. Much to the delight of the neighborhood boys it was laid a few days after capture, igniting a flurry of questions about the female parts of spiders. ("Gosh, mom we thought that was her BOTTOM. Her babies came from her BOTTOM? Did your babies come from your BOTTOM? What do you mean we have to ask dad?")

Why can't they swing normally? Whatever happened to the old school method of pumping one's legs while sitting in the seat correctly with hands firmly attached to the rope, all while humming a fun vacation bible school tune? Why must it be an adolescent stunt show that threatens broken bones and frantic visits to the emergency room EVERY TIME? My heart rhythms haven't been normal for about five years now.

(Notice the tennis shoes strategically placed above)

Oh, the joy of boys.

And sedatives.


Meritt said...

My kids would totally freak around that spider. My husband? He would be doing the 'scream like a little girl and run around waving your hands in the air' dance.


Joni said...

I know that dance well.

I also did it this morning when removing the scorpion looking bug from the tennis shoe Chandler left outside.

Barrett said...

I don't blame Chase for picking up the spider..... I would have to!!!!