Monday, September 8, 2008

It's Not Easy Being Green

One personality quirk Mary Mac and I do not share is her love of insect and amphibian thingys. (An additional trait NOT passed through my gene pool is her love for dramatics. My husband maintains that Mary Mac is saturated with my DNA in this particular category, but he is clearly wrong and obviously still experiencing side effects from recent anesthesia.)

High pitched, squeals led me in a frantic to the porch where I found Mary Mac earnestly chasing a slimy green frog. It was the long-legged kind, with eyes about to bug out of its head in a way that suggested a thyroid condition long unaddressed.

High pitched squeals continued until puzzled looks from Mary Mac made me realize that the sounds were coming from my own voice box. I ran for my camera, hoping to distract myself from anxiety filled thoughts which included risks of wart outbreak and protruding frog eyeballs that might touch me.

Mary Mac spots the frog:

The chase is on. Click on the photo below for a closeup of the frog's creepy long legs:

Reaching way under the couch to grab a frog leg:

The joy of catching Buggy the Frog:


Tracy said...

EE-E-E-EWWWWWW. I would have made a high pitched scream myself and called animal control. EC has the flip flops to match Mary Mac's swimsuit.

Joni said...

I should have thought of that.


Tracy said...

Joni - I am afraid John is right about the drama in you. Let's not forget who used to throw their hairbrush and refuse to leave the house when their hair did not look "right" in highschool.

Meritt said...