Monday, November 24, 2008

Fancy Dance Joy

John and I attended a fancy dance Saturday night. Below is our posed, prom picture minus the coordinating corsage and cummerbund.

It was fun to give the sweatpants a rest for the evening, even if it did mean prancing around in high heels and supportive undergarments. Although, I didn’t really prance -it was more like a wobble- but I managed to stay upright and “tucked in” all the same.

Each year this event centers on a particular theme. Cirque de Soleil was the clever motif this time with colorful decorations and talented performers throughout the ballroom. There was even a “statue lady” that was eerily fascinating. This woman, dressed in all white head to toe, would pose in various places – among the crowd, in the foyer, on the buffet table- and not move a single muscle, or blink a solitary eyelash.

It was creepy and kind of cool, and I spent ENTIRELY too much time watching her to see if she would move. Place to place I would follow her- nonchalantly of course, like a giraffe in wobbly heels- to try to figure out how she could be so still.

(I mean, WHY would I do this? So what if she moved? What was I going to do – announce to the crowd: “Attention everyone! I caught the statue lady in a momentary twitch! You may now go back to your dancing.”

Interestingly enough, I was joyfully able to observe her when it appeared as though there were something stuck in her throat. My keen eye caught her clearing her throat, but it was very subtle, even under my investigative and discerning watch.)

The evening was a long one, but a lot of fun, although the next morning my feet were still in the shape of very pointy triangles. I also noticed what seemed to be permanent creases around my midsection where suspension of circulation from my BFF, Spanx, occurred the night before.

However, it’s nothing a good pair of sweatpants and comfy slippers can’t immediately fix.


deann said...

So glad to see you guys there. I soooo wished I could have caught the white lady clearing her throat, sorry I missed that. I couldn't look at her for too long, kinda freaked me out. Thought I had a deep vein thrombosis from by undergarments, looked like I had rubberband marks on my upper thigh. I think Shane's feet hurt more than mine, something about black military looking shoes I guess. We're known for leaving fairly early, no different this year, home by 11:15 my bunion was about to bust. Glad you had fun! Happy Thanksgiving.

Joni said...

That is hilarious! "Deep vein thrombosis" is an expression I will have to borrow....

Have a great Thanksgiving. I'm giving my Spanx a rest and trading them for my dependable "buffet pants".