Monday, December 1, 2008

I Know It's Officially December but....

I still have a few Thanksgiving leftovers to address.It has been a busy, rollercoaster of a holiday week, so my blog has been somewhat neglected. I attended school holiday feasts with Chandler and Mary Mac that I have documented below, but before I do, I wanted to share some things that make me unbearably grateful for the true joy they bring.

I’m thankful for….

…my marriage to my best friend who brings me daily joy.

…three incredible children that are beyond what I could have imagined on my own.

…family members that spill over with joy because they’re so grateful for your joy.

…godparents and best friends that love my children like they were their own.

… old friends that have been there for you and always will be.

…new friends that invite you into their lives who will soon become old friends.

…bible study members that love and pray for you and mean it.

…small group members that make me laugh more than I thought possible.

…a Sunday school class that invites us back each Sunday despite glaring inadequacies.

…a church family that is becoming just that – family.

And most importantly, I'm so very thankful for...

…my God -the very reason for my joy- and the One who looked at the sorry plans I had for my own life, LAUGHED OUT LOUD, and then overwhelmed me with His perfect ones.

Chandler's Thanksgiving Feast:

Silly, six year old Indians:

Brothers of different mothers:

My sweet, Indian Princess:

Straight off the Mayflower:

Mary Mac and Me


Not too old to learn said...

i love that comment about lol at your plans and blessing you - i'm right there with you. but, i would add and when i look back and see how His plans were so much better than i had planned - He just lovingly smiles.

i'm sure many people have been blessed by you as a friend as well. i know i enjoy your insights.

marriedsinglemom said...

Oh Joni!
What a JOY to see our guys together! We should get their picture every year at this time and watch as they grow in God's JOY! Thanks!

tricia said...

your children bring joy to our hearts. i heard about a group of parents in california who were boycotting their kids school because they didn't want the kids to dress up like pilgrims and indians. unbelievable! seeing these pictures are awesome and i'm so glad that your children's school appreciates and respects american history. btw- you bring me lots of joy! krystal burgers, baby!