Thursday, February 26, 2009

Gummy Joy

During my twenty day absence from the land of bloggers, a few momentous occasions occurred. For starters, a pile of gray hair began to sprout all over my head, causing my colorist to cry the ugly cry at my last hair appointment.

Gray hair is a curious phenomenon that makes me wonder the exact state of God’s mind when knitting me together inside my mother’s womb. What is it about these course, curly hairs germinating on my head as thick as a bad 80's mustache that the Almighty could have remotely seen as necessary? I wonder if women from all over the world storm the pearly gates when they arrive in heaven demanding explanation for these freaky follicles as well as the reasoning behind varicose veins, stretch marks, and saggy skin.

Another occasion more pleasant to recount is the new gummy smile of my seven year old son, Chandler.

While it may appear that Chandler is sporting a hip-hop 'do rag, he is actually wearing a costume for a school report on John the Baptist.

This is Chandler's impression of John the Baptist after eating locusts for dinner:

The toothless smile of a child brings untold joy and a strong maternal desire to plant a wet, slurpy lick on the sweet, toothless face. Below is a picture of Chase in the same precious condition.God bless the USA and toothless grins:

So, see what you missed during my absence? Gray hairs and gummy smiles. And a colorist who is now in therapy somewhere rocking manically in a corner because of the hair trauma caused by yours truly.


Cezanne said...

I don't see any gray hair in your photo!

Joni said...

Only because its poor photography.Trust me- they are EVERYWHERE.