Saturday, February 28, 2009

It All Started With a Hot Pink Ruffle

Senior prom. You remember it. For me, it was the year 1988 (’88 is great) and at the time, I couldn’t imagine that life could get any better than holding the long-awaited status of Senior. It was the first time I was allowed to wear a strapless dress, adorned with so many crazy looking rhinestones I blinded the photographer when posing with my date in front of the rainfall backdrop, while desperately hoping that package C would contain enough wallet size pictures to trade with my friends. (On the back of which I would write 2 good, 2 be, 4 gotten, pledging lifelong friendship to my inner circle who loved Bon Jovi, jelly shoes and T-Top Trans Ams.)

Hair product was at an all-time high as I attempted to tame the spiral perm that threatened to explode through the jeweled barrette sitting squarely on top of my head. Special blue eye shadow and iced pink lip-gloss accessorized my efforts to impress a date whose haircut screamed business-in-the-front, party-in-the-back.

Good times.

Fast forward 20 years – I am a DINOSAUR – and my husband and I found ourselves attending a dance last night with the central theme of Senior Year Prom. For weeks, there has been scrounging through closets across town and pouring over dog-eared pages of yearbooks all in a collective effort to recreate a look that frankly, should never, EVER be reproduced.

The dress I borrowed from my friend, Martha, was an absolute gem of a find. The ruffles, the sequins, and the fluorescent color oozed ‘80’s authenticity, allowing just enough confidence to walk proudly through the arch of balloons at the entrance, clinging to the arm of my handsome hubby joyfully sporting a coordinating bow tie and cummerbund.

After reviewing the pictures taken last night, complete with dazzling golds, extra-hold hairspray, and sequins in excess, I was left with one resounding question to ponder:

Who in their right mind

could have thought

that this was a good look

to revisit?

My simple plea echoes similar words once spoken by renowned philosophers, Duran Duran, "Please, please tell me now. Is there something I should know?"


JMom said...

You are awesome. I was waiting for your recap. You can make anything funny, my friend...and with material this good, I just knew it would be great!
I love these pics and may steal a couple...

Cezanne said...

Your prom pics are fabulous!!! I must say, however, that your hair was bigger in college than what you managed to achieve last night. You probably need a good perm. I LOVE your dress!!!

Joni said...

Steal away.

By the way, I have a parent-teacher conference this week. Could I borrow your prom queen sash for my meeting? : )

JMom said...

Sure thing...I have one more question...why do I look like a drag queen in all these pictures?

Emmy said...

I LOVE it hysterical! You all look awesome! Wish I had gone!

irwin said...

That is great! I secretly wish I could redo prom with my husband. We didn't meet until my senior year at UGA - I'd love to have that memory with him!

P.S.: Hot pink, fluffiness is definitely your color :-)

tricia said...

thanks for sharing these. it looks like you guys had great fun!

Mom of Eleven said...


Anonymous said...

My prom dress looked JUST Like that. Cuz you know, I look good in pink. Your hair was NOT RIGHT. You needed to take a curling iron to the bangs....not a STRAIGHTENER!!! looked like fun! mf