Thursday, May 21, 2009

Everybody Is Tired

These last few weeks have added a whole new understanding of the word FRENZY. These last few days in the month of May have made me better comprehend the overused word BUSY. And these last few moments of the school year which have caused my right eye to twitch in a manner that could only be considered SPASTIC, opens up a whole new meaning to the word CRAZY.

And so the reason for my blogging absence.

Eight baseball games a week (read that one again - EIGHT BASEBALL GAMES A WEEK), three end of the year school plays, two field trips and an end of the year school carnival were the reasons behind the frenetic activity in our household this month. Throw in weekend hospital call for the past four weeks for my husband and the result is a very tired family.

Tomorrow is the last day of school which entails three parties at three different destinations all occurring at the same time. It should be fun.It may just squeeze the last bit of joy remaining for the month of May, but loads of sugar-induced fun nonetheless.

I have thousands of pictures and stories and events that I will update later, but for now, the neurons in my FRENZIED, BUSY, SPASTIC, CRAZY brain are unable to fire properly. I am just too tired.

Tonight,I plan on sleeping deeply like this:

And all will be well again.

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JMom said...

Eight in one week????Oh my!
Tired here too--and my schedule is not even close to that!